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February 15, 2009




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DJ Trax – Forthcoming 12″ on Tempo Records + Podcast

March 22, 2014

DJ Trax_Tempo1204_Recordsleeve_ 1800x1800px

Next month Tempo Records will release a brand new 3 track DJ Trax EP

This release comes as a limited 140 gramms clear vinyl pressing with full artwork sleeve, including a limited hand numbered insert/poster (this artwork inspired DJ Trax to write the title track), also included: a mp3 download voucher. All tracks mastered by Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis, London. Highly recommended.

Listen to the clips HERE

Vinyl pre-order HERE

To celebrate the release here is a 90 minute forthcoming Drum and Bass mix featuring a whole host of talent from the scene….


Okee – Shoot The Moon – Omni Music Dub
Infest – Time Will Tell – Reminiscence Dub
Madcap – Mind Adventures – Criminal Minds Dub
DJ Trax – 89 Til Infinity – Tempo Records Dub
Rainforest – Moon Gazing – Dub
Justice + Metro – Spikes – Modern Urban Jazz Dub
DJ Trax – Bring It Back – Tempo Records Dub
Probe One – Voyage – Repitoire Dub
Phuture T – Tactile – Jungletrain Recs Dub
Cryogenics – Chamber One – Omni Music Dub
DJ Trax – Attack Of The 50ft Amen – Tempo Records Dub
Fada – Vapours V.I.P – Pinecone Moonshine Dub
Martian Man – Saddle Up(Greenleaf RMX) – Dub
Enjoy – Wax Factor – Evil Audio Dub
Law + Wheeler – Natural Resource – Repitoire Dub
Artificial Skys + Griever – Our Kingdom – Dub
Theory – Be Humble – Dub
Andy Skopes – Foolish – Dub
Critical Resistance – Soul Direct – Dub
Thesis – Activated – Soul Deep Dub

DJ Trax Interview and Exclusive Oldschool Mix

March 11, 2014

I have just completed an exclusive mix and interview for Law over at http://www.drumtrip.co.uk. To check it out click here

DJ Trax – Radio Frontline 02.03.14

March 5, 2014

Progression – On A Rubbish Tip
Sly T + Ollie J – Underground Confusion (Mix 1)
Menace Makes 3 – Feel The Friction
Freestyle + DJR – Madness
FBD Project – Blasted
Audio Maze – A Way Of Life
Body Snatch – The Stength
Foul Play – Survival (Remix)
D`Cruze – Want You Now (DJ SS + EQ Remix)
Bonny + Highlander – The Summer Breeze
4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse – We Are The Future
Splice – Pianism
Mixrace + Pro Ton Isospace – The Endless Skies
Human Being – The Box Opened

Download HERE

DJ Trax + Nucleus – Catch a Groove 43

February 20, 2014

DJ Trax + Nucleus – Catch a Groove 43
Renegade Soundwave – Black Eye Boy
Foul Play – Ignorance
Tek 9 – London Sum`Ting
Cold Mission – Dread Said
Cold Mission – Fot Da Ladies
DJ Trace – Definition Of Living
Desired State – Here + Now
Alter – Ego – Main-line
Stakka + K.Tee – Hear Say
Total Science – Time Step
Andy C – Truly One (Remix)
Desired State – Killer Beat (Q Bass Remix)
Neil Trix – The Core (Johnny Jungle Rmx)
Acid Lab – All Of A Sudden (Faded Music Dub)
Terminus – Fractured Beyond The Surface (Minus 32 Dub)
Seba + Paradox – Frost
Dillinja – Acid Track
Eschaton – Nadir (LM1 Remix) – Omni Music Dub
Enjoy Alternate (Scales Alternative Remix)
Visionary + Gremlinz – FBGM
Gremlinz + Ahmad – Nibiru
89 `Till Infinity – Tempo Dub
Cryogenics – Hydra – Minus 32 Dub
Sounds Of Life – Hidden Rooms
Digital – Spacefunk
Use Of Weapons – Stans Plan

Listen/Download Here

DJ Trax feat Quest One – Live at IChiOne (Amsterdam)

January 16, 2014

DJ Trax Live at IChiOne Amsterdam (streamed on Jungletrain.net)
The Sentinal – Toulepleu (Feat Co-CO)
Lemon D – I Can`t Stop
Omni Trio – Together VIP
DJ Trax – Bring It Back – Dub
Photek – Rings Around Saturn (Peshay + Decoder RMX)
Cryogenics – Aquarius – Dub
Total Science – Time Step
Skylon – E.T.A (Extra Terrestrial Assault)
DJ Trax + Naibu Feat Becki Biggins – All Is Silent
Fanu – Hop and Bass
(Mixed with Mobb Deep)
Theory – Originate – Dub
Splash – Babylon
Acid Lab – Stainless – Faded Music
Dawn Raid – Old Painless – Hocus Pocus (Rewound)
DJ Trax – Who`s Your Connection – Dub
Nucleus + Paradox – Love Her
(People banging into the desks whilst in mid mix -mix)
Dillinja – Lionheat

DJ Trax + Nucleus – Catch a Groove 41

January 16, 2014

CAG jan 14

Redskins – Love So Real
King Of The Jungle – 90%
Cool Hand Flex + Mike De Underground – Heaven on Earth
EQP – Crack Man Return
Face – Nosebleed (Left Noistril)
Rush HourThe Moog
Run Tings – Ruff Revival
Foul Play – Screwface
DJ Randall – Flava`s
Gappa G + Hyper Hyper – Information Centre (Ray Kieith rmx)
DJ Ron – Dangerous
Desired State – Beyond Bass
Orca – Intalect
Ray Keith – Phizical (Moody Mix)
Neil Trix – Breakin Up (B-Boy Remix)
DJ Lee + Tango – Solutions
Leon Mar – Running
Photek – Say It
Goldie – This Is Bad
L Double + Liccle D – Hail Him
Theory – Originate – Dub
Dillinja – In My Life
Dillinja – Tear Da Whole Place Down
AndySkopes – Laterality – Dub
Okee – Severance Peak – Dub
Nucleus + Paradox – Think About It
Mutt – Conversations (Gremlinz + Rene Lavice Rmx)
Brad Impact – You and Me – Omni Music Dub
Cryogenics – Untold Story – Omni Music Dub
Odyssey – Object

DJ Trax – Frontline Radio – Oldschool Set 03.11.13

November 4, 2013

Last Nights Session up for DL -DJ Trax – Radio Frontline 03.11.13
MAW – Justa Lil Dope (on 45)
Rabbit City 01
Mental Cube – Chile Of The Bass
Fabrique En Belgique – Bitches
Phuture Assasins – Shots Like This
Rhythm Section – Perfect Love (8am Mix)
Phantasy + Gemini – Never Try The Hippodrome
Project One – Roughneck
MC Uproar – Bad Boy
DJ Trace – Teach Me To Fly
Biology – Sundown
CMC – Coming From The Jungle
A Guy Called Gerald – Anything V.2
DJ Trace + Ed Rush – Clean Gun
Smith Inc – Palomino
LTJ Bukem – Demons

DJ Trax – Catch a Groove 38 – Solo Session.

October 31, 2013

CAG 29 oct 13
This weeks Catch a Groove was a Trax solo session…enjoy:)
Jim Polo – Underground Feelin (Pascal rmx)
Omni Trio – Feel Good
Inta Warriors – Dreams Of Heaven
Code Blue – Angles In Dub
The Invisible Man – The Beginning
Future Sound Of Hardcore – Euphoria
DJ Solo – Darkage
On Remand – Black Steel (Part 2)
JMJ n Richie – Hall Of Mirrors
Omni Trio – Nu Birth Of Cool (Rogue Unit Mix)
Hidden Agenda – Vindication
Axis – Dusted
Jacop`s Optial Stairway – The Naphosisous
Mouly + Lucida – Prophecy
DJ Trace – Final Chapta
T-Power – Mutant Jazz (Trace Rmx)
(Mixed with Nas Acapella Made U Look)
DJ Trax – Lay Back
Helen T – Losing (Slipmaster J Mix)
Furney – Mancini
Blu Mar Ten – Somewhere – Dub
DJ Trax + Naibu – Logan Returns – Influenza Dub
Thesis – Crystal Visions
Hidden Element – Just Do What U Do – Dub
Drago – Dimension – DNB Records Dub
Rumbleton – A Dub Of Conscience
Acid Lab – Sunstorm
Seba – High Priestess
Paradox – The Unspoken Divide

DJ Trax + Nucleus – Catch a Groove 36

October 5, 2013

CAG may 14th4

Rufige Crew – Killa Muffin
3 sample – High On Life
FBD Project 01
The Criminal Minds – Presence
Dj Phantasy + Gemini – Ruff Beats Producing Bass
Tic Tac Toe – Ephemerol
A Guy Called Gerald – 28 Gun Bad Boy
Oaysis – Outcry
Pulse + Tango – Feeling Real
DJ Mayhem – Inesse (Ray Keith RMX)
You Got Me Burnin (Ray Keith and Nookie Rmx)
Scan – Chainsaw
DJ Trace – Lost Entity (NY side)
Alladin – So Good
DJ Hype – Roll Da Beats
Higher Sense – Bizarre (Desired State Rmx)
Kudos – Eat Coast Fusion
Architex – Altitude
Lemon D – What`s Up
Cryogenics – Metamorphoses – Dub
Thesis – Internal Directions – Dub
Paradox – Jupiter 89 – Paradox Music Dub
Photek – One Nation
LX + The Untouchables – Dreader The Land
DJ Trax – 89 Til Infinity
Paradox – I led You – Paradox Music Dub
Hidden Element + Liquid Break – We have Our Own Atmosphere
- TranslDigital

DJ Trax + Assorted Anonymous – The Rise Of The Faceless

August 11, 2013


Just six weeks after the release of The Soul Travelling EP Audio Buffet release The Rise Of The Faceless EP. The EP is a collaboration between Trax and US underground Hip Hop crew Assorted Anonymous.

As always with an Audio Buffet release the visual side is just as important as the music. The cover was Illustrated but the hugely talented Naiel Ibarrola.

AA Ilustracion 3

The final track of the EP Blueprint 86 was blessed with a great video by Barcelonas Justin Inbcn. The video features street art by Tacto, Zems and SM172

To support the release and to hear other Audio Buffet releases go to http://www.djtrax.bandcamp.com



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