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DJ Trax + Assorted Anonymous Transmission Intercepted Pt1

July 25, 2011

Audio Buffet presents Transmission Intercepted Part 1.

Earlier this year the label released Transmission 01 and 02. The EP`s introduced the collaboration between DJ Trax and US Hip Hop group Assorted Anonymous.

Transmission Intercepted PT1 is the first of two remix EP`s.
Although most of the artists on remix duties are known more for their Drum and Bass productions, they all produce various styles of music.

The remixers that appear on part one are ;

Kjell (Creative Source,Function,Influence)
NVious (Assorted Anonymous)
Sub (Syncopathic Recordings, Subtle Audio, Misspent Music)
Nucleus (Esoteric,Metalheads,Reinforced)

The advantage of releasing the EP`s on Audio Buffet is that the label represents underground music right across the spectrum. As a result I was able to give the artists complete creative freedom and as expected none of the artists disappoint!

The EP is beautifully mastered by Arjun Demeyere.

As always the artwork and Videos are a big part of any Audio Buffet Release. The cover was designed by Divert featuring an original photo taken by Belguim`s Jim Van Loo, I highly recommend you check out his work here

You can purchase the EP`s exclusively (on a pay what you feel basis) at the DJ Trax Bandcamp.

You can check out clips from the EP on the video below. Or check Bandcamp for full low res versions.

or at youtube

Part two will be released on August the 16th and will also feature some great talent on remix duties. Watch this space for details.